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We are glad to offer you a new service in our Language Centre – Russian as a foreign language taught from Elementary to Advanced levels.

Who are we?
Our language school is one of the most dynamically developing schools in Ukraine that has professional expertise in teaching conversational English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish. All our teachers go through a strict selection process and, being selected – through a continuous training. Achieving a fine combination of high quality, interest and motivation is our main concern.

Why learn Russian in Ukraine?

Don't miss this wonderful opportinity to study Russian with professional native teachers while it is so cheap!

Since the dramatic fall of our national currency everything has become ridiculously cheap in Ukraine. You can have an excellent dinner in a fancy restaurant for a price of a modest breakfast in a two-star hotel in Europe.

Besides, if you are a national of a European state, or the USA, or Turkey, or one of many other developed countries, you do not need a visa to enter Ukraine, which is not the case with Russia. That fact makes it easy to plan your trip and saves you time and money.

Why Kharkov?
Firstly, Kharkov is the capital of Eastern Ukraine, where about 80% of the population speak Russian as their mother tongue. You can watch TV programs and read newspapers in Russian here. In the streets people speak Russian, too. So you will enjoy a full immersion into Russian. Besides, Kharkov is a big cultural centre of Ukraine with a huge number of students and a very low crime rate.

Secondly, Kharkov is much cheaper than the main cities of Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg) that could offer similar services.

Thirdly, Kharkov enjoys a much milder and warmer climate than the main cities of Russia that could offer similar services.

Fourthly, Kharkov is situated within a relatively short distance from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which makes it possible to organize one- or two-day trips there and to lots of other tourist attractions of Ukraine.

Name of the course

Number of academic hours* per week

Days of lessons


Number of students in a group

Price per week course

Price per 4-week course

Price for each subsequent week

Standard course



10.00 – 13.00


72 USD

370 USD

60 USD

Intensive course


Mon- Tue-Wed-Thu- Fri

10.00 – 13.00


120 USD

480 USD

100 USD

Russian Culture and Literature (for students from Intermediate to Advanced levels)


Mon- Wed-Fri

10.00 – 13.00


72 USD

370 USD

60 USD

The prices include tuition plus hand-outs.

Special Summer Price:

Intensive course (20 academic hours per week) - 100 USD

Individual lessons are available to all students as extra classes at a price of 8 USD per lesson (45 minutes).

Both Standard and Intensive courses are aimed at developing grammar, conversational, writing and listening comprehension skills.

Upon arrival all students (except absolute beginners) write a placement test, which is free.

Group lessons start date: avery Monday.

Individual lessons can be started any day. 

*Each academic hour lasts 45 minutes

We can accommodate you with a host family or rent an apartment for you.

The prices given here are just for reference and should be verified in each particular case. The final price highly depends on accommodation location, size, furnishing, transport links, equipment etc.

Type of accommodation

Double room, per person

Private room




Host family

from 100

from 150

+ 90

+ 180

+ 250

An apartment with cooking facilities

from 120

from 200




All prices are given in USD for 4-week stay. Please note that the minimum renting period for self-catering apartments is 4 weeks.

Additional expenses:
After-stay cleaning: 20 USD
Accommodation deposit: $ 200, which will be returned to you at the end of your stay if no damage to the apartment is made.

Accommodation arrangement fee - $ 55 (50 Euro) payable no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. 

Extra classes activity

Kharkov (or Kharkiv) is a vibrant city with a lot of things to do. It is the second biggest city in Ukraine, so there are plenty of restaurants, night clubs, skating rinks (all year round), theatres, cinemas, a zoo, a circus, a dolphin theatre, an aquapark etc. You can also enjoy walking in our parks or visiting shopping malls. 

At an extra cost we can organize excursions to different tourist attractions of Ukraine. You will never feel abandoned outside the classroom and we always try to tailor a cultural program to meet our students’ individual requirements.

Contact us
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